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Mean annual air pollution in Christchurch
Mean annual particulate air pollution
in Christchurch

The GeoHealth Laboratory provides a unique opportunity for postgraduate students to underrtake research in the field of GIS and Health. One of the key initiatives of the GeoHealth Laboratory collaboration is to provide the infrastructure and resources to assist students wishing to undertake postgraduate study. A number of scholarships are available for suitably qualified postgraduate students who wish to undertake research in the GeoHealth field. Enquiries are encouraged from students with undergraduate training in GIS and have a particular interest in applying these skills in the area of health.

The Department of Geography offers a range of advanced GIS courses including:

Each year postgraduate scholarships are available for students wishing to complete projects that have been specifically designed by the GeoHealth management team as well as for projects that have been self-designed by students. For more details see Scholarships and Internships.

Interested students are encouraged to contact the Director of the GeoHealth Laboratory:
Professor Simon Kingham (Co-Director, GeoHealth Laboratory)